Atiq Gauri
Full Stack Developer & Concept Designer
Full Stack developer with C++ experience, I have freelance development experience of electron.js, node.js and cross-platform application from scratch to distribution, including database, CI/CD, dockerization and c++ backend. Server side I have made several APIs with express.js, node.js and many BaaS projects with firebase and netlify. Other skills include unit testing, basic machine learning with python and concept design.
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Work Experience
Full Stack Developer @ Bitespeed
Aug 2021 - Present

A product based startup reaching great heights, I am handling complete microservices messaging, infrastructure monitoring and deployment for our apps like merchant based customer support, apis as service, central monitor and logs across aws infra, hasura and node servers. On tech stack we are using Typescript, Graphql, Nodejs, Postgres, AWS(sqs, sqn, lambda, appsync), Hasura and Redis.

Software development engineer @ Winuall
Nov 2020 - Aug 2021

I am writing backend code there which was serving to ~500K users. Other than that I have built & maintaining complete sub product, analytics dashboard of the company. Which involve tracking all statistics of company's data. Tech stack include node.js, express.js, mongoDB, test server management(mostly Google cloud) and basic react.js.

Full Stack Dev Internship @ SecurityEscape
Sept 2018 - March 2020

Worked with application security engineering team to develop a system to use password prediction on common open dev panels. My role was to write analyser to generate patterns out of known breaches.

Freelance & Projects
Jun 2019 - Sept 2020

A cross-platform desktop app developed single handedly to analyze passwords and detect specific patterns in them and I have written huge 120 pages documentation for it. These patterns can be used to avoid insecure passwords, to target specific passwords, reporting vulnerable passwords or any other security application. Patternscape uses data breaches to generate patterns out of raw passwords and email. In order to generate a pattern we compare every password against ~0.5 million data points.

Open-Source Code Project Wiki Project Overview

Its a side project, raised~ $65K on kickstarter and indiegogo. I Wrote "windows" specific C++ multithreaded code to interact with zoom meeting app UI. And converting it to full fledged cross-platform electron desktop app. It was a freelance project, so can't show you the code but here is a word from client and more can be found on my linkedIn page: "Atiq has proven to be nothing less than exceptional. His quality of work is excellent, he is able to manage projects to completion with little or no oversight, a real go-getter. You can give him a goal, and then just get out of his way. He will come back to you with a rock solid solution."

Product website
Mini Projects

These Projects include web apps for bitcoin payment implementation, realtime crypto exchange ticker, User authentication, Restful api and web sockets. Most of them hosted and uses firebase and netlify features like functions, hosting etc.

Dec 2018 - Apr 2019

A political simulation game based on Indian elections. It includes ideological population and political parties with resource management mechanics. I worked on it as a game and concept designer.

Mini Games

Mini games made with unity

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4 Game Design & Development Courses
2 Design & Psychology Courses
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